Frozen Moments with Ed Koren

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2 min readApr 23, 2023

This week: a conversation with the cartoonist Ed Koren on life and cartoons. Find it at our site or wherever you go for podcasts.

The great cartoonist Ed Koren—whose warm humor and hairy creations you know from his 60-year run in The New Yorker—died this month at 87. It’s a loss felt widely: see, for instance, Yo-Yo Ma, Bill McKibben, and Emma Allen on Koren.

Ed had been an Open Source listener and a friend, and in March, he spoke with Chris Lydon about living, dying, and cartooning. Listen to that conversation on this week’s show; you can hear some of the conversation on the latest New Yorker Radio Hour, as well.

Chris with Ed Koren.
Ed with Mary McGrath.

You’ll hear Koren reflect on life in Vermont, on cartoons past and present, and on cartoons in general, which he calls “frozen moments.” You’ll also hear encouragement for more considerate, lovable ways to be and to think. In Ed’s words:

What puzzles me, really is dispiriting, is to notice how most people look at the kind of frozen moments that I love and wish they would spend the time with—have a nice time, sit down, have a drink or a tea or something, and spend some time with it.

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