Khashoggi, Sauds… and Sox

On Deck:


We’re following the Harvard affirmative action case—and the larger conversation it’s inspiring about college sports as affirmative action for the wealthy and white, anti-Asian bias, and what “diversity” in admissions even means… and who it serves. Jeannie Suk has been excellent on this subject, and we’re planning an in-studio conversation with her and others for next week. Stay tuned.

Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes

Coming Soon to the MFA: Fred Wiseman’s Latest

OS Guests in the news

Our guests are popular! Eric Foner’s glowing review of David Blight’s new biography of Frederick Douglass (check out our interview with Blight from last week); Sean Wilentz’s glowing review of Jill Lepore’s new one-volume history of the United States, These Truths (check out our interview with Lepore from a few weeks ago); the NYT’s review of Eleanor Burgess’s new play, The Niceties (our interview will be up as a podcast soon).

The Niceties, by Eleanor Burgess

Toning it up!



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